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Progress in implementing Phase 1 of US-China trade deal [2020-4-3]
Shipping industry calls on G20 leaders to allow merchant ships to call at ports [2020-4-3]
Airfreight traffic may shrink by one-fifth in 2020: IATA [2020-4-3]
Air freight prices skyrocket as coronavirus outbreak kills capacity [2020-4-3]
Emirates to freeze passenger operations, but cargo will still fly [2020-3-27]
Air freight industry seeks relaxed all-cargo flight rules during virus crisis [2020-3-27]
Chinese airlines have lost US$3.1 billion this year because of coronavirus [2020-3-27]
MSC announces Asia to US west coast voided sailings in March and April [2020-3-27]
Singapore box volumes up 5.8pc in February to 2.9 million TEU [2020-3-19]
Box shipping could shrink 10pc if virus is as bad as 2008 financial crisis [2020-3-19]

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