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Shanghai No 1 box port with Singapore as No 2 and Shenzhen as No 3


CHINA boasts seven of the 10 busiest container ports in the world with Shanghai coming in as No 1, Singapore and Shenzhen coming in as No 2 and No 3, reports London's Port Technology International.

This list of the top ports in China has been measured by 2018's containerised cargo traffic, but up-to-date figures have been included when they are available.

Shanghai is the top port in China and the busiest in the world with an annual box volume of 42 million TEU. Its traffic is six million TEU higher than its closest competitor, Singapore.

The port of Shenzhen is one of the top ports in China and third in the world behind Singapore with annual container volumes of 27.7 million TEU. It comprises several ports located along 260 kilometres of Guangdong province's coastline.

Some of the biggest Chinese terminal operators maintain a presence there, including China Merchant Ports and Yantian International Container Terminals. Shenzhen port's traffic has risen steadily over the past four years, surging from 24 million TEU in 2014.

The Port of Ningbo-Zhoushan has become the third the busiest port in China and is ranked fourth in the world, with volumes of 26.3 million TEU per year. Since 2014 it has seen its container volumes jump by five million TEU. It is also the busiest port by tonnage and became the first to carry one billion tonnes in 2017.

As a central component of the BRI, it is pivotal to China's wider economic plans. In May 2019 the port signed a deal with port of Hamburg's terminal operator HHLA to improve trade relations and technological collaboration.

Guangzhou is the fourth busiest port in China with volumes of 21.8 million TEU and fifth busiest in the world, with an annual traffic of 21.8 million TEU. It is one of a number of major Asian ports to have struck agreements with the port of Rotterdam on strengthening ties between Europe and the Far East.

Qingdao lags behind Hong Kong and Busan in list of world's top ports. The port is the fifth busiest port in China and eighth in the world, with an annual container throughput of 18.2 million TEU. It owns a 9.9 per cent stake in the Vado Gateway Terminal in Italy, which gives it a foothold into the European market.

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